3 de junio de 2014

Want to become innovative with TANDEM Joint Innovation?

Tandem Joint Innovation is an innovative concepts, design and product development company based in Barcelona but with an international profile and reach.

In order to celebrate our new communication model, we would like to invite all of you to learn how to become innovative in a series of short stories – an innovation 101 course if you will.

The stories will be built on our own experiences, but they are by no means exclusive, so please feel free to add your own experiences about the topics or feel free to get in contact with TANDEM Joint Innovation for more information and/or advice.

We start the series off with an introduction to the ABC of innovation:

Before you start being innovative, there are certain pillars you must take into consideration: innovation goals, company strategy, customer needs and user experience and please remember that you must take them all into consideration as if they were one unit or concept.

At TANDEM, we identify two types of projects, open end innovation and product development. In the first type, we strive to come up with ideas and concepts for new business opportunities for our clients, either as a product, a service or a new sales channel. We always make sure to align the scope with the current strategy of the company in order to reach ideas and concepts that are useful and profitable to our clients. We use creative sessions with a touch of abstract thinking – anything goes! After this first type has concluded with one or more ideas, it’s time to bring our ideas and concepts to life – all that we ideate and conceptualize at TANDEM must be producible. In the second type of projects, we start off with a briefing or a description of the concept that we’ve ideated or received from the client and then we use workshops to see how the product is perceived in the end-user segment(s) of choice.

Obviously there’s much more than this to an innovative process, but we will try to elaborate further in the stories to come. However, if you’re interested in knowing beforehand, why don’t you contact us if you need some inspiration?

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