14 de octubre de 2013

We make things happen!

The strategic management of projects, something that we haven’t talked about until now, is the fourth area of knowledge and is equally important as any of the previously mentioned: innovation, design and development.

As if we were talking about cooking, we’ve defined our ingredients to achieve excellence in our strategic management of projects so that the dish, in our case the product, will be ready to be served at the correct moment, at the right price and with outstanding quality.

EXPERIENCE: The Value of having learned from Mistakes.
The quality in our project management comes from our 25 years of experience in product development projects; 650 products, lots of companies and a universe of people are the guarantees that we have accumulated experience to sustain our claim of excellence in our strategic management of projects which at the end of the day is what adds value to our clients.

BRIEFING: This is where we will DEFINE THE GRADE OF COLLABORATION in our strategic management which is proportional to the complexity of the project.
The Briefing is probably the most important document at Tandem; it’s where we define levels, assignments, deliveries (read: create the game plan) once we’ve assessed the possible risks and traps that the project may hold and it’s where we detail each and every step of the strategic management that the client wants us to carry out:
  • Knowledge partners
  • Models
  • Prototypes
  • Pre-Industrialization
  • Industrialization
  • Test and Approvals
  • Subsidies
  • Patents
Each of these steps are integrated into our project calendar under the strict vigilance of the assigned Tandem project manager.

"An excellent game plan is of the essence for a smoothly run project"

KICK-OFF:Quality is made from day 1.
Even if it’s the first meeting and seemingly there’s not too much on the line, at Tandem we believe that it’s one of the most important as it will decide the amount of strategic management of the project. It’s the first meeting between two different teams of people that might not know each other and a large part of the future success depends on the empathy created between these two teams. At the Kick off meeting we should have a clear view of the following:
  • Approved calendar with milestones and clear task responsibilities
  • Definition of roles of the participating managers 
PROCESS:The LINK between development and strategic management.
Our process for project development, whether it’s innovation and/or design and product development, is closely linked to our process for strategic management.

We’re conscious that there are several good tools for project management; however we opted to create our own in order to provide extra speed and smoothness extracting information. This information is then shared with the client in a comprehensible way with the sole object of reflecting the current situation seen from Tandem’s point of view.

The strategic management of projects, as understood and practiced by Tandem, leads to increased competitiveness for the clients.

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