31 de marzo de 2014

Review of 2013. To continue being present, you have to participate

As all the previous years, as an overview, we would like to share with all of you exactly how we have done in 2013.

Having successfully completed our 8th year we believe that we've reached a certain degree of maturity to state that:

The reliability of our services is more than proven.

The products that are ideated and/or developed by TANDEM are positively valued by the users along with being profitable for our clients.

Our financial strength allows us to take on new challenges inside and outside our borders.

2013 has, of course, been another very interesting year where the current situation has permitted, rather than obligated, us to evolve and further activate our projectivity.

Having capabilities that allow us to work for so many and different sectors grant us competitive advantages such as knowledge of market evolution and great strategic forecasting allowing us to take advantage of the different opportunities as they arise.

Some of the news during 2013 was:

  • January – 2 new awards for the Roller, product ideated, designed and developed with NIKIDOM. Awarded by ISPA (International Stationery Press Association) and by A' Design Award.
  • February – We launched our course "Innovating with value" for the Town Hall of Valencia.
  • March – The Omicrom VISION, product that we designed with RGB, chosen as symbol of the technology Made in Spain at EXPOMED.
  • April – Launched our education in Mindfulness.
  • May – Honourable Mention at the Red dot Design Award 2013 for the Pool MAC by ASTRALPOOL. We participated at Bizbarcelona to explain our process model for innovation.
  • June – Pool MAC by ASTRALPOOL is launched, a disruptive innovation project where we could add knowledge. We collaborate with the Master Programme International Management of Technology Innovation at La Salle in Barcelona.
  • July – Ministry of Traffic tests the IPC in Burgos (Intelligent Pedestrian Crossing) in which TANDEM has collaborated the past three years.
  • August – Time to gather strength.
  • September – We sped up our international plans.
  • October – We consolidated our bet on Co-Creation and launched "Connecting Knowledge".
  • November – The month where several toy projects take to the market: Educa Borras, EurekaKids, Esemebe.
  • December – INDRA, another IBEX35 company confides in TANDEM.


In all these years, although especially true for 2013, we've been able to adapt swiftly to any context without losing the identity of our company. We've continued alongside our clients and their adversities and we've captured new and important clients transmitting "more is less". When companies are short on money to invest, they need assurances and that is what we have transmitted and proved with "more investment is less risk".

We've learned more about how to communicate and transmit our competitive advantage "Comply with what we promise; we add value for end-users and we increase our clients' competitiveness".

Without a doubt, the best thing about 2013 for TANDEM, has been putting all our available resources into not just looking towards Europe but being present and participating in Europe

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